Like most IB Theory of Knowledge classes, the primary factors leading to my students’ grades are their Oral Presentations and their TOK Essay.

However, I also require students to a series of activities during the final week of school (I’ll give them a head start on it next week, but no class time to work on them until the final week – they’ll present during “Finals Week”).

You can read all the instructions at our class blog, along with examples. Students can work in pairs.

Here’s a summary of the assignments:

* Everybody creates three Instagram videos on TOK concepts

They can choose two out of these next three projects:

* Prepare and give a presentation on TOK Concepts “explaining them to a five year old”

* A Robert Krulwich-inspired “TOK As A List” poster or slideshow.

* A “What If” presentation talking about one piece of scientific knowledge they would take with them into the past.

How are you ending the year in your TOK classes?