What Does Great Teaching Look Like, Exactly? is a short article that just appeared in Education Week about a study on what they call “deeper teaching” published by Jobs For The Future.

I was intrigued, since I think Jobs For The Future puts out terrific research – much of which is very accessible and practice to teachers. Several of their studies are on various of my “Best” lists.

There’s been a lot of attention paid to the concept of “deeper learning” – see The Best Resources For Learning About “Deeper Learning.”  My quick definition of it is that it emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and knowledge transfer.

The newer report featured in the Ed Week article is titled “Deeper Teaching.” In other words, how do educators ensure that students are successful in “deeper learning”?

It’s worth perusing the study. It compares two lessons on the same math topic – one using “deeper teaching” methods and the other not. Even though it focuses on math, there are many broader lessons to learn from it.

I’m adding this post to The “Best” Lists Of Recommendations About What “Effective” Teachers Do.