There have been a number of tragedies that have spawned social media curated “syllabuses” (I checked – syllabuses or syllabi are considered correct). These are rich resources for all educators.

Today, Christina Torres tweeted this out, and it got me thinking that it might be useful to create a list with links to others, too:


Here are links to others – let me know if there are better links and/or ones on other topics I’ve missed:

Some #CharlestonSyllabus Highlights (you can see the complete list here)

This ‘Roots Syllabus’ Should Be Required Reading For All is from The Huffington Post.

The Lemonade Syllabus is a:

a free syllabus of hundreds of references to works that accompany and help explain Lemonade’s meaning has been created and released online.  Here’s a link to the entire list.

Share & Find Learning Resources At #JustTeacherSyllabus


Public school teachers would have to pick-and-choose carefully, but TRUMP SYLLABUS 2.0 is worth checking-out. You can read more about it here. Note, however, that this Trump syllabus was created by two historians.

Puerto Rico Syllabus is an online collection of resources about the Puerto Rican debt crisis.

Check-out The #CharlottesvilleCurriculum

Announcing the 2019 Curriculum Resource Guide for Black Lives Matter at School.

Professors Are Crowdsourcing a #CoronavirusSyllabus. Here’s the History They Think Should Be Used to Teach This Moment is from TIME.