It’s time to continue my mid-year “Best” lists!

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I write many posts about recent research studies and how they can relate practically to the classroom. In fact, I post a regular feature called Research Studies of the Week. In addition, I write individual posts about studies I feel are particularly relevant to my work as a teacher.

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Even thought this list is about posts that I’ve written about recent research, I just learned about an important new study from another blog and thought it would make sense to add it here: Your GPS Is Making You Dumber, and What That Means for Teaching is by Dan Meyer. I’m adding it to The Best Posts Questioning If Direct Instruction Is “Clearly Superior.”

Dan Willingham Writes The Best Piece On “Grit” That I’ve Seen

Excellent Advice From Dan Willingham On Students Listening To Music In Class

Study Says Just Taking One International Baccalaureate Class Has Powerful Impact

“What Makes Great Teaching” Seems Like An Excellent Report – With One Exception

You’ve Heard Of “Deeper Learning”? How About “Deeper Teaching”?

Study: “you want to speak to the brilliance, but you also need to speak to the struggle”

Is “Emotional Granularity” The Next SEL Skill To Teach?

Hopeful Study On Academic Success, But I Have A Question

Statistic Of The Day: Books Are Important

Another Study Highlights The Impact Of Moving On Student Academic Progress

Good Advice On NPR About “Grit”: “Take A Step Back & Chill”

Another Study Finds That Poverty Helps Create Lack Of Self-Control – Not The Other Way Around

Quote Of The Day: The Role Of Motivation In Language-Learning

The Incentive Follies

Quote Of The Day: “Unhelpful Punishment”

This Is The Most Accessible Piece Out There On The “Nature/Nurture” Debate

Yet Another Study Finds That Having An “Authentic Audience” Impacts Student Learning

New Study Finds One-To-One Device Programs Can Be Effective

Using The “Green Eggs and Ham hypothesis” To Help Students Develop Creativity

Another Study Finds That Gratitude Increases Self-Control

No Surprise To ELL Teachers: Study Finds Drawing Words Helps In Learning Them

Video: Teacher Expectations & Race

Another Study Finds Note-Taking By Hand Is More Effective Than By Digital Device

Quote Of The Day: The Value Of Listening To Students

New Study Highlights Six Components Of An Effective Apology

No Surprise To Organizers: Two-Way Conversation More Successful Than One-Way Communication In Changing Minds

Good Overview Of Advantages & Disadvantages Of Group Learning

No Surprise – New Study Finds That Explaining Things Helps You Learn

Another Interesting Finding On The Value Of Having A “Purpose For Learning”

Study Finds – Wait For It – “School Climate” Matters For Student Learning

Another Flaw In Using Value-Added Measurement For Teacher Evaluation

Quote Of The Day: Power As Autonomy

New Study Reviews 25 Years Of Research Into What Helps Students Graduate – Here’s What They Found

Statistic Of The Day: 2 Breakfasts For Kids Are Better Than None

Another Study Shows We Physically Alter Our Brain By Learning

The Best Resources For Learning About “Deeper Learning”

How Many Repetitions Do You Need In Order To Learn A New Word?

New Study Finds A New Twist On Growth Mindset – Overconfident People Don’t Have It

Quote Of The Day: Principals Can “Create The Conditions” For A Positive Climate

Statistic Of The Day: The Importance Of Teacher-Student Relationships

Study: Extrinsic Rewards Reduces Long-Term Learning Of New Languages & Other Knowledge

Quote Of The Day: “Nudges” Aren’t Enough

New Study Finds That Most Kids Don’t Think Collective Punishment Is Fair – Here’s What I Do Instead

Statistic Of The Day: The Older Kids Get, The Less They Want To Go To School

Another Study Shows Limitations Of Standardized Tests For Teacher Evaluations

New Study Documents The Power Of Teacher Collaboration

Unsettling New Report On Science Teachers & Climate Change

The Best Commentaries On Sci-Hub, The Tool Providing Access to 50 Million Academic Papers For Free

Study: Learning About Failures Of Famous Scientists Improves Student Achievement

Study: Do Tests On Computers Assess Academic or Technological Abilities?

“Learning About Learning” Provides Very Good Narrow Summaries Of Research & Over-The-Top Recommendations

Good Video On The Science Behind Curiosity

Statistic Of The Day: No Surprise – Having Classroom Windows With A View Of Green Is Important

“Ask A REL” Archives Are Some Of The Most Accessible Education Research Sites Around…

New Study Finds Advantages To Collaborative Learning

Interesting Study On Teaching Vocabulary

New Study Finds Big Results From Ethnic Studies Classes

Another Study Points To The Importance Of Students Writing For An Authentic Audience

Studies Find No Surprise: Kindness Matters

Study: The Value Of “Noticing Good Things”

The Best Resources For Learning About The Importance Of Prior Knowledge (& How To Activate It)

The Importance Of Having Many Tools: “If Your Only Tool Is A Hammer, Then Everything Looks Like A Nail”

Second Quote Of The Day: Economists Often Forget That “Context Matters”

No Big Surprise: Having A “Sense Of Purpose” In Life Enhances Self-Control

Statistic Of The Day: Documenting Progress Towards Goals & Making It Public Helps To Achieve Them

Deliberate Practice & Red Herrings

Study Finds That Nurture Equals Nature In The United States

Statistic Of The Day: The Advantages Of Being Bilingual

No Surprise To Teachers: Study Finds That Helping One Or Two Students Can Make Entire Class Better

Another Study Finds Listening With Ears, & Not Mouth, More Effective

Shocker – NOT: New Study Finds That Lectures Are Not Best Instructional Strategy

Statistic Of The Day: Diversity Helps Us Learn

New Study Says Emphasize Quality Over Quantity In Teaching Writing, But I Don’t Think That’s Most Important Finding

Study Finds Teachers Whose Students Achieve High Test Scores Often Don’t Do As Well With SEL Skills

Quote Of The Day: “Experts” Are Often Close-Minded

A Different Take On Gratitude

Study: Rudeness Spreads Like A Disease

New Study Finds Academic Benefits To Social Emotional Learning

Student Agency & How To Encourage It

Very Important New Report On Looking At ELLs Through A Lens Of Assets & Not Deficits

Study Finds That Empathetic Teachers Enhance Student Motivation – Is Anyone Surprised?

New Study Suggests That A Classroom Motivational Poster Might Be Effective

Statistic Of The Day: Are Most High School Students Not Engaged At School?

From The NY Times: “A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls”