Even though I’ve been a big advocate of Social Emotional Learning (see The Best Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources), I haven’t done a whole lot in the “mindfulness” area. This past year, though, we did do a related experiment, and I’ll share a post about its results in the future.

For now, though, here are a few “mindfulness” resources – please share others in the comments section:

Mindfulness Can Mean More Than Meditation – Can’t It? is a post I’ve published earlier.

Does Mindfulness Actually Work in Schools? is from The Atlantic.

Mindfulness in the Classroom: A How-To Guide is from Ed Week.

Student ‘Reflection Needs to Be a Habit’ is Part Two in my Education Week series on reflection in the classroom.  It discusses mindfulness.

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day is from The Harvard Business Review.

How to teach … mindfulness is from The Guardian.

When Teachers Take A Breath, Students Can Bloom is from NPR.

Neuroscience Of Mindfulness: How To Make Your Mind Happy is from Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

Is mindfulness meditation good for kids? Here’s what the science actually says. is from Vox.

The Mindful Student is from The Behavioral Scientist.

Mindfulness Training for Teens Fails Important Test is from Scientific American.

Schools Are Embracing Mindfulness, But Practice Doesn’t Always Make Perfect is from NPR.

It’s time to hear what adolescents think of mindfulness in schools is from Aeon.

Be mindful: Study shows mindfulness might not work as you expect is Science Daily.

Why Mindfulness And Trauma-Informed Teaching Don’t Always Go Together is from KQED.

Sometimes Mindlessness Is Better Than Mindfulness is from Scientific American.

Need a Reset? Try This One Quick Meditation Session is from The Harvard Business Review.

School mindfulness lessons don’t work for teenagers, study says is from the BBC.