This post is outdated.  Please go to the new edition: New & Revised: A Collection Of Advice On Talking To Students About Race & Racism



The November, 2016 issue of ASCD Educational Leadership is now online, and it’s another very good one – the them is “Disrupting Equity”!

You can see all the articles here. Some are behind a paywall, but several are freely available. They’re all good, but here are the ones that seemed especially useful.

Rick Wormeli is the author of “Let’s Talk About Racism In Schools.”

Here’s an excerpt:


Helping Students Discuss Race Openly is by Julie Landsman.

Conversation Interrupted is by Vernita Mayfield.

Ten Teacher Recommendations in Facilitating Conversations About Race in the Classroom is from the Harvard Education blog.

The first thing teachers should do when school starts is talk about hatred in America. Here’s help. is from The Washington Post.

How to talk to your kids about the violence in Charlottesville is from The L.A. Times.

After Charlottesville: Contested History and the Fight Against Bigotry is from Facing History.

10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race is by Angela Watson.

Making it Meaningful: Interrupting Biased Comments in the Classroom is from The Anti-Defamation League.

They See Color… Even When You Don’t is from Urban Education Mixtape.

First Encounters With Race and Racism: Teaching Ideas for Classroom Conversations is from The New York Times Learning Network.