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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

New Resources On Teaching Reading & Writing

KQED Interviews Me About Saul Alinsky & His Connection To Teaching

Completed Revised Plan For Theory Of Knowledge Essay – With Lots Of Examples & Resources Included

Here Is My Revised Six-Week Plan For TOK Oral Presentations, Including A Zillion Examples & Resources

“Q & A Collections: Using Tech In The Classroom”

“Owl Eyes” Lets Students Read & Annotate, Plus Teachers Can Create Free Virtual Classrooms

“Q & A Collections: Project-Based Learning”

Here’s The “Homework” I’m Planning For My Theory Of Knowledge Class – Help Me Make It Better

Opportunities & Dangers Of Big New Growth Mindset Study

President Obama & “Agency”

The Difference Between Information & Knowledge

The Physical & Psychological Impacts Of Racism

Absolutely Amazing Video For The Rio Paralympics: “We’re The Superhumans”

“Q & A Collections: Teaching Social Studies”

“Q & A Collections: Best Ways To Begin & End The School Year”

“Book Deserts” In Many Of Our Students’ Neighborhoods

Animatron Is A New Site Where Students Can Create Online Animations – With Voiceovers!

Postal Service Issues Jaime Escalante Stamp Today

Video & Transcript: President Obama At Dallas Memorial Service

“Guess What!” Is A Great “New” Game – Plus, ELLs Can Create A Video For An Authentic Audience

Good Classroom Management Advice For Everybody

“Q & A Collections: Race & Gender Challenges”

“Q & A Collections: Implementing The Common Core”

Free Resources From All My Books

2,600 Categorized Resources For IB Theory Of Knowledge Classes

“The History Project” Looks Like A Neat New Tool For Creating Timelines

A Visit To Your School From Michelle Obama Raises Student Achievement – What About Other Speakers?

“Pairprep” Lets Students Compete Against A Friend (Or Themselves) & Lets Teachers Monitor Progress

Video: “What Does Your Accent Say About You?”

“Word Bucket” Lets Students Learn Vocabulary In A New Language & Teachers Can Set Up Virtual Classrooms

“Q & A Collections: Student Motivation & Social Emotional Learning”

“Finding Dory,” Growth Mindset & Grit

My “best and worst education news in 2016 — so far” Published In Wash. Post

“Epic!” Provides 15,000 eBooks, Plus Virtual Classrooms, For Free

Major Review Of Research Reinforces Findings That Exercise Helps Learning

Google Unveils Lots Of New Ed Projects, Including Opening “Expeditions” To Everybody

“American English” Site From U.S. Department Of State Has Developed Into Great Resource For ELL Teachers

Studies: Attendance & Passing Classes More Important Than Test Scores