As I’ve said before many times, Humanising Language Teaching is my favorite language-teaching journal – plus, it’s free!

Its most recent issue has a very good article titled Introducing a New Online Tool: eLesson Inspirations on Global Issues by Bill Templer.

In it, he discusses a free collection of very good lessons for teachers of English Language Learners. It’s called eLesson Inspirations, and its organized by the The Global Issues SIG of IATEFL (one of the two biggest international organizations of ELL teachers).

The lessons include videos and student hand-outs, and are designed to get students to think critically about the world around them and, at the same time, develop better English skills.

Read the article to learn more about the collection and then access all the lessons – for free – at the eLessons Archive. There are about twenty-five of them there now. However, I was disappointed to see that it appears they aren’t adding any new ones to the list – the last one was uploaded last December.

If it was being regularly updated, I’d add it to The Best Places To Find Free (And Good) Lesson Plans On The Internet. I’ll add it there if and when they begin to add new ones.

But, as I’ve said, even without new ones being added, the collection they have now is quite impressive and useful.