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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

Video: “10 Strategies to Help Students Develop Intrinsic Motivation to Write”

Study Reinforces That Prior Knowledge Is Important – As Well As Critical Thinking Skills

New Ken Burns Film, “Defying The Nazis,” Looks Good & Has Tons Of Free Teaching Resources

Chicago Teacher Creates Very Impressive Rap Video To Welcome His Students

Request Free Kindle E-Readers For Your Classroom

“Q & A Collections: Science Instruction”

New Resources On Starting The New School Year Strong

Newsela Unveils Exceptional Library Of Primary Sources Edited For Different “Levels”

California Supreme Court Puts Stake In Heart Of Challenge To Teacher Tenure

Video: John Oliver Takes On Charter Schools

Researchers Find – Once Again – That Extrinsic Motivation Doesn’t Work

Big News: EFL Classroom 2.0 Is Now Entirely Free!

Important NY Times Column On Separating “Art & Artist” – Here’s The Writing Prompt I’m Using With It

“Zooniverse” Is One Of The Coolest Ed Sites On The Web – I Can’t Believe I’m Just Hearing About It!

“Q & A Collections: Author Interviews”

Important Analysis Of Schools With Fewer Suspensions Makes Important Points, As Well As Highlighting Gaps

The Importance Of Teacher & Student Autonomy

“Call Me Ishmael” Is A Neat Site & Model For Student Book Activity

Create Virtual Classrooms With “Awesome Stories” – Plus Students Can Write For An Authentic Audience

New Study Shows Intervention Has Big Impact On “Achievement Gap” – Also Shows Shortcomings Of Ed Research

“Q & A Collections: Reading Instruction”

Another Very Positive Review Of Our Latest Book On Teaching ELLs

“Giving Students ‘a Place to Belong’ When Starting a School Year”

Deliberate Practice, The Olympics & Red Herrings

Facebook Unveils New “Personalized Learning” Platform They’re Making Available To Everyone

New Study Says Teacher-Student Relationship In Fifth Grade Sets Stage For Future Behavior

“eLesson Inspirations” Is An Excellent Collection Of Critical Thinking Lessons For ELLs

Noise Level Charts

The Endless Loop Of Negative Attention

A Look Back: What Were The Number One Websites For Learning In 2007 & 2008?

Great Source Of Advice For New Teachers

A Look Back: Sister Classes Around The World

Guest Post: Response From David Yeager To My Question About SEL, Race & Class

This ESSA Update Is A “Must-Read” For Anyone Teaching ELLs In The United States

This Would Be Great For ELLs: Play – Or Create – A “Listening & Speaking” Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story

Great Piece On Setting Goals Like An Olympian

Confirmed! I’m Writing Two More Books….

iCivics Steps Up Its Game Big Time With Free Virtual Classrooms & Primary Source Interactive

Fascinating Interactive Comparing How Democratic & Republican Delegates Described Their States

All Of This Year’s Presidential Campaign Ads & How To Use Them In Class

A Look Back: “Twenty Questions Game”

“Write The World” Provides An Authentic Audience & A Space For Peer Review

“‘Learning That Lasts’: an Interview With Ron Berger, Libby Woodfin & Anne Vilen”

Create Free Virtual Classrooms & Monitor Student Progress At

Here’s A Narrated Version Of My Slide Deck On SEL & The Common Core

Important Advice On Classroom Rules From The New Yorker

“What Would You Do?” Is A Fantastic Video Series For Theory Of Knowledge Classes

Wow – “My Simple Show” Is An Extraordinary Tool For Creating Free Video “Explainers”

Video & Transcript Of President Obama’s Speech – Plus Writing Prompt on “Making Mistakes”

Video & Transcript: Michelle Obama’s Speech To The Democratic Convention (Plus Writing Prompt!)