More and more attention is being paid to the advantages and disadvantages of reading digital texts compared to texts on paper.

Here is a beginning list of articles exploring this question. Please feel free to contribute more:

I ran a two-part series on this question at my Education Week Teacher column:

* Reading Digitally vs. Reading Paper

Daniel Willingham, Kristin Ziemke, Lester Laminack and Kimberly Carraway explore that topic of reading digitally compared to reading on paper in this post.

* ‘Children Need Both Paper Books & Digital Texts’

Katie Keier, Stacy Nockowitz, Barbara Paciotti and many readers share their thoughts on the debate between reading digitally or on paper.

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens is from Scientific American.

Your paper brain and your Kindle brain aren’t the same thing is from PRI.

Books vs. e-books: The science behind the best way to read is from CBS News.

Why Digital Reading Is No Substitute for Print is from The New Republic.

Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right. is from The Washington Post.

The case against e-readers: Why reading paper books is better for your mind. is from The Washington Post.

Another Tech Tool Claims To Make Online Text More Accessible

What We Still Don’t Know About Digital Reading is from Ed Week.

Statistic Of The Day: Study Finds Reading On Paper Can Be Better Than Reading On A Screen

New Study Finds Advantages To Reading Print On Paper Over Reading On A Screen

Digital Text is Changing How Kids Read—Just Not in the Way That You Think is from MindShift.

Skim reading is the new normal. The effect on society is profound appeared in The Guardian.

A new study titled Don’t throw away your printed books: A meta-analysis on the effects of reading media on reading comprehension (that is not behind a paywall!) finds that that reading comprehension is better with print rather than digital text.

Why Generation Z Learners Prefer YouTube Lessons Over Printed Books is from Ed Week.

Is Comprehension Better with Digital Text? is by Timothy Shanahan.

Screen Reading Worse for Comprehension, Leads to Overconfidence, New Meta-analysis Concludes is from Ed Week.

Printed vs digital text: A meta-analysis is a new study on the topic.

Evidence increases for reading on paper instead of screens is from The Hechinger Report.

This is your child’s brain on books: Scans show benefit of reading vs. screen time is from CNN.

Screen-based online learning will change kids’ brains. Are we ready for that? is by Maryanne Wolf.

Digital books harm young children’s learning–unless the books have the right enhancements is from Eureka Alert.

How Children Read Differently From Books vs. Screens is from The NY Times.

Reading on Screen vs. Print: New Analysis Thickens the Plot on Promoting Comprehension is from Ed Week.

The Deep Space of Digital Reading is from Nautilus. It’s an older article, but is new to me.

Why Printed Books Are Better Than Screens for Learning to Read: Q&A is from Ed Week.

How to teach kids who flip between book and screen is from The MIT Technology Review.

The Case for Choosing a Physical Book Over a Digital Reader is from Ed Week.

Is digital text a good idea for reading instruction? is by Timothy Shanahan.

Reading comprehension on handheld devices versus on paper: A narrative review and meta-analysis of the medium effect and its moderators. is a new study

Reading on Screens Worsens Comprehension for Younger Students. What Can Teachers Do? is from Ed Week. It’s not about the same study, but Kevin Drum has a counterpoint, Kids learn better on paper? Don’t be so sure….

I’m adding this post to My Best Posts On Books: Why They’re Important & How To Help Students Select, Read, Write & Discuss Them.