I’m teaching Geography again to English Language Learners, and though I’d pull together some accessible resources on the different kinds of map projections.

You might also be interested in The Best Online Tools For Comparing The Physical Sizes Of Different Countries.

Here are my picks – contribute your own in the comments section:

Your World Map is Hiding Something is a very useful interactive from Metrocosm which allows you – with a click of a button – to compare different kids of popular (and not-so-popular) world map projections.

Here’s a lesson plan from National Geographic.

This is a great video for Geography classes, BUT I wish the narrator didn’t talk so fast!

Misleading maps and problematic projections is from The Economist.

The Mercator Problem is a simple and useful site to help students learn about the distortions shown in a Mercator map projection.

Misconceptions:Some Common Geographic Mental Misplacements… is a good interactive.


Real Country Sizes Shown on Mercator Projection will show you, with a click of a button, the real size of countries compared to what it looks like on a Mercator map.

Open Culture posted about Shape of the World, an infographic that shares different ways the world has been visualized throughout history.

So simple and so powerful.

[OC] 10 map projections and how they distort the world, video 57s. from r/MapPorn

How Well Do You Know Mercator? is from Google Maps Mania.