Awhile back, someone on Twitter (sorry, I don’t remember who) raised a question about how many decisions a teacher has to make each day.

I, and others, have previously written posts on this topic, and thought it would be useful to bring together what I have – feel free to suggest more:

Quote Of The Day: Have You Ever Wondered How Many Decisions We Teachers Need To Make Each Day?

Improve learning by taming instructional complexity is from Science Daily.

Jazz, Basketball, and Teacher Decision-making is by Larry Cuban.

A Teacher Makes 1500 Educational Decisions A Day is from Teach Thought.

The Qualities of Great Teachers is from ASCD.

Statistic Of The Day: Teacher Decisions & Implicit Bias

The Complexity of Teacher Decision-making is by Larry Cuban.

1,500 Decisions a Day (At Least!): How Teachers Cope With a Dizzying Array of Questions is from Ed Week.

A teacher’s brain on a typical school day appeared in The Washington Post.

Teacher noticing: A systematic literature review of conceptualizations, research designs, and findings on learning to notice is a new study. I hadn’t heard of “teacher noticing” as a concept to be studied, but it basically means observing things in the classroom and acting on them.

This tweet, and Dan Meyer’s accompanying post about it, has a lot of relevance to this “Best” list:

Playing Jazz, Rebounding Basketball Shots, and Teaching Lessons: Instant Decision-Making is from Larry Cuban.