Next February, this blog will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary! Leading up to it, I’m re-starting a series I tried to do in the past called “A Look Back.” Each week, I’ll be re-posting a few of my favorite posts from the past ten years.

At the end of each month, I’ll also compile a few of them that I think readers might find particularly useful.

In August, I posted A Look Back: Best Posts From 2007 To 2009.

In September, I looked back at 2010.  Here are my choices for the best ones:

A Look Back: “Idolizing Just One Person Undermines The Struggle”

A Look Back: Combining An “Assets” Perspective With An Authentic Audience

A Look Back: Let’s Do Less ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’

A Look Back: Student Metacognition & Instructional Strategies

A Look Back: “The Office” Teaches Why Extrinsic Motivation Doesn’t Work

A Look Back: Emphasizing What Students Can Do, Instead Of What They “Can’t”

A Look Back: The Problem With “Bribing Students”

A Look Back: Being ‘Transactional’ Versus Being ‘Transformational’ in Schools

A Look Back: “The best kind of teacher evaluation”

A Look Back: “English Language Learners and the Power of Personal Stories”

A Look Back: “Mr. Ferlazzo, I Need My Post-It, Too”

A Look Back: “The Art Of Storytelling”

A Look Back: Student Goal-Setting Lesson

A Look Back: “How Students Can Grow Their Own Brains”

A Look Back: The Importance Of Saying “I’m Sorry” To Students

A Look Back: “What Would Paulo Freire Do If He Was A School Superintendent?”