“Moments” is a feature that Twitter unveiled last year where they highlighted a series of tweets about an event or topic.

They have now opened it up to everybody, so it’s easy to create and share your own “Moments.”

TechCrunch has written about it, and I’ve embedded a video below from Twitter explaining how to make them. In addition, I’ve embedded a “test” Moment that I made in a minute or two.

I was not impressed with Twitter’s “Moments,” and I have to say the same about these “personal” Moments, too.

As I was making mine, I was disappointed to see that a number of tweets with photos were not recognized by the Moments tool. And my biggest disappointment was that it only lets you go down someone’s timeline (for example, mine) a very short number of tweets before it just stops. Once it stops, it does not appear you can choose any additional tweets from that person’s timelines. And the entire tweet isn’t shown.

As regular readers know, I publish a regular “Best Tweets of the Week” series and have been using Storify to create them.

I had thought that, perhaps, Moments might function as a replacement for Storify. However, that’s not going to happen until Twitter makes a lot of improvements to Moments, and I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one….