Today is World Teachers Day (see The Best Resources To Learn About World Teachers Day) and UNESCO is marking the occasion by releasing a study showing lots of new teachers have to be recruited around the world in order to reach UN education goals by 2030.

You can review the actual report here; read a summary of it at the BBC; and, most interestingly, check out an interactive atlas here showing how many teachers are needed in which country.

Here’s an excerpt from the report with more details:

By 2030, countries must recruit a total of 68.8 million teachers: 24.4 million primary school teachers and 44.4 million secondary school teachers.

Of the 24.4 million teachers needed for universal primary education (UPE), 21 million will replace teachers who leave the workforce. The remaining 3.4 million, however, are additional teachers who are needed to expand access to school and underwrite education quality by reducing the numbers of children in each class to a maximum of 40.

The need for additional teachers is even greater at the secondary level, with a total of 44.4 million teachers need by 2030, of which 27.6 million are to replace those who leave and an additional 16.7 million to ensure that every pupil is in a classroom with no more than 25 students per teacher on average.