I’ve previously posted about how impressed I am with recent improvements to the iCivics site (see iCivics Steps Up Its Game Big Time With Free Virtual Classrooms & Primary Source Interactive).

Today, through Education Week, I learned about yet another relatively new addition called Drafting Board.

Here’s how they describe the tool:

This online tool walks students through the process step by step, showing them how to understand an issue before taking a side, use evidence to support a claim, and address the opposing point of view. At the end, students have a complete argumentative essay with an introduction, body, counterargument, and conclusion.

You have to register to use it (it’s free) and then students can log-in and work on seven different units. The units seem very accessible and engaging.

I’m adding this info to both:

The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress

The Best Online Resources For Helping Students Learn To Write Persuasive Essays (which I have just updated and revised)