Who among us doesn’t have to deal with the issue of students putting off doing work until right before it’s due?

Dave Stuart Jr. got me thinking about doing a lesson on this topic when he posted his excellent A Simple Activity for Teaching About Procrastination.

I’m planning on modifying his lesson a bit with some of these resources:

Asking These 4 Questions Can Help You Stop Procrastinating is from Fast Company.

How to Beat Procrastination is from The Harvard Business Review.

Why do You Procrastinate, and What Can You do About it? is from The Learning Scientists.


Research Based Strategies For Overcoming Procrastination is from the Harvard Business Review.

Stop procrastinating with a research-backed mental visualization exercise is from Quartz.

Suggestions for Teens (and Others) Who Procrastinate is from The Creativity Post.

The Neuroscience & Psychology of Procrastination, and How to Overcome It is from Open Culture.

Why We Procrastinate and 5 Ways to Stop is from Quick and Dirty Tips.

3 Reasons Students Procrastinate—and How to Help Them Stop is from Edutopia.

Lesson of the Day: ‘Procrastinate Much? Manage Your Emotions, Not Your Time.’ is from The NY Times Learning Network.

Want to Stop Procrastinating in 2021? New Research Says Just Ask Yourself the Same 4 Questions is from Inc.

Best way to avoid procrastination is from Science Daily.

The Ultimate Guide for high-schoolers (and anyone else) on fighting procrastination is from Medium.

Addressing the Emotional Roots of Procrastination is from Edutopia.

3 Strategies for Dealing with Procrastination is from The Harvard Business Review.

Stop Procrastinating and Tackle That Big Project is from The Harvard Business Review.

The Mindset That Helps You Deal With Procrastination is from PsyBlog.

No Need to Wait is from Character Lab.

The Real Reason Why Students Procrastinate is from Ed Week.

Do you have other suggestions?