How to ‘Weave Writing Throughout Science Lessons’ is the headline of one of my Education Week Teacher columns.

As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to teaching high school during the day, I also teach an ESL Methods class to teacher credential candidates at California State University, Sacramento.

Next semester, I have also insanely agreed to teach a content literacy class to credential candidates at the University of California, Davis.

I’ve got a good handle on writing in Social Studies (though will be posting a separate list for that subject) and English classes and, in preparation for the course, am reading up on writing in math and science classes. Yesterday, I published The Best Resources For Writing In Math Class.

You might also be interested in My Best Posts On Writing Instruction.

Here’s the beginning of a list on writing in science (I’ve also included some reading resources). Feel free to share your own suggestions:

Common Core: Teach Literacy in Every Subject is from Ed Week.

Engaging Students Through Writing: The Case of a Science Class is from The College of Staten Island (where I grew up!).

Creative Writing in Science Class is from Education Week.

Writing In Science

Writing Across the Curriculum – Science

Science The Write Way

Science Writing: A Tool for Learning Science and Developing Language is from The Exploratorium.

Writing in Science Classrooms

Descriptive Writing: Just Right for Science Class is from Middleweb.

Literacy In Science

Writing In Science

Writing In Science is a video from Annenberg.

Lots of free downloadables at Writing in Science in Action.

Writing in the Science Class: Lab Conclusions

Integrating the Common Core Literacy Skills in Science Classes

Encouraging active reading in the science classroom

Reading Techniques Help Students Master Science is from Scientific American.

Strategies for Teaching Science Content Reading

Integrating Literacy Strategies into Science Instruction

Teaching Reading in Science

Composing Science has great materials on writing in science class.

Thinkport has some nice Middle School Literacy Lessons in Science.

Supporting Literacy in the Science Classroom appeared in Edutopia.

Writing in Science: Guest post by Hochman and Wexler is from Bunsen Blue.

Using Rubrics to Teach Science Writing is by Michelle Newstadt & Amanda Godley.

The Writing (In Science) Revolution appeared in Medium.

Writing to Learn in Your Science Classes is from Middleweb.

What Questions Do You Have About How the World Works? is from The New York Times Learning Network and is about their STEM writing contest.


Bacteria Bombs, Fat Tongues and Microrobots: The Winners of Our STEM Writing Contest is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Creating Authentic Writing Opportunities in the Science Classroom is from Edutopia.

Lasers, Fish-Skin Bandages and Pain-Free Vaccines: The Winners of Our 3rd Annual STEM Writing Contest is from The NY Times Learning Network.