The November issue of ASCD Educational Leadership is now online, and it’s another very good one – the them is “Disrupting Equity”!

You can see all the articles here. Some are behind a paywall, but several are freely available. They’re all good, but here are the ones that seemed especially useful.

Rick Wormeli is the author of “Let’s Talk About Racism In Schools.”

Here’s an excerpt:


Helping Students Discuss Race Openly is by Julie Landsman.

Conversation Interrupted is by Vernita Mayfield.

Here’s an excerpt:


I’m adding those three pieces to A Collection Of Advice On Talking To Students About Race, Police & Racism.

The Root of Discipline Disparities is by James E. Ford. I’m adding that one to A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Videos On Race & Racism – Help Me Find More.

Research Matters / Flip the Script on Fate Control is a good piece on student agency. It’s by Bryan Goodwin. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On Student Agency & How To Encourage It.