Here are some recent useful posts and articles on educational policy issues (You might also be interested in The Best Articles, Videos & Posts On Education Policy In 2016 – So Far):

Why the History of School Reform is Essential for Policymakers, Practitioners, and Researchers is by Larry Cuban. I’m adding it to The Best Articles Providing An “Overall” Perspective On Education Policy.

5 Reasons Schools Should Measure Chronic Absence is from NPR. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On Student Absenteeism.

Proof You Shouldn’t Blame Teachers For The Achievement Gap is from The Huffington Post. I’m adding it to The Best Places To Learn What Impact A Teacher (& Outside Factors) Have On Student Achievement.

Push to expand California charter school enrollments provokes backlash is from Ed Source. I’m adding it to The Best Posts & Articles Analyzing Charter Schools.

Rethinking School Discipline is from The American Prospect. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About Restorative Practices – Help Me Find More.

Did Trump and Clinton Get a Pass on Education? is from The New Yorker.

What Trump And Clinton Have To Say About Education is from NPR.

What Would a Clinton or Trump Presidency Mean for Teachers? is from Ed Week.