Each year, I publish year-end statistics of how visitors find my blog (you can find last year’s post here).

About 16,000 readers subscribe to this blog daily and can read the content without visiting directly. However, another five-to-six-thousand readers do visit to read the posts. How do they get here?

Well, for 2016, the answer was:

The number one referrer was a big surprise – Flipboard. Even though people can subscribe to the blog from there, I’m very surprised that 21% of readers find their way here from there. It’s a huge jump from last year.

Twitter is next, with 18% of visitors coming from there.

Then, 17% come from Facebook.

9% come from Pinterest, and that’s a substantial drop from last year even though the number of followers I have there has increased tremendously.

Edutopia (which often publishes excerpts from my books), and Education Week (where I write a teacher advice column) are tied at about 3% each.

It’s sort of a “grab-bag” after that…

So, any ideas about what I can learn from this analysis – particularly about the huge jump in Flipboard and the substantial decrease from Pinterest?