In addition to teaching full-time in high school during the day, I’m on the adjunct faculty in the teacher education programs at California State University, Sacramento and the University of California, Davis.  I’m finding an important question keeps on cropping up in:

How do I teach a newcomer, with next-to-zero English proficiency, who is placed in my mainstream classroom without any additional outside support being provided?

Unfortunately, I suspect that this is a very common issue for teachers across the United States – a newcomer is “parachuted” into their classes and they’re told to “integrate” the student into their instruction.

I have a number of ideas, but I also wanted to invite readers to contribute their own suggestions – it’s one thing to provide instructional strategies to help intermediate and advanced English Language Learners in a content class.  However, it’s an entirely different issue when you have thirty relatively English-proficient students in a class and you’re then given a newcomer to teach, too.

I’ll be publishing a post with my ideas, along with recommendations shared in the comments by readers….

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