Research in Action: Ramping Up Support for Long-Term ELLs is the headline of my article in  ASCD Educational Leadership.

‘Prevention Is the Best Way to Support Long-Term English-Learner Students’ is a three-part series appearing in my Ed Week column.

I was recently asked about resources on Long-Term English Language Learners (LTELs) – students who have been ELLs for six years or longer – and thought readers would find a “Best” list useful. Feel free to suggest links I’ve missed:

Helping Long-Term ELL’s is from my Ed Week column.

The Difficult Road for Long-Term English Learners is from ASCD.

Changing Course For Long Term English Language Learners is by Laurie Olsen.

For Stalled ELL Students, Graduation Is Often an Elusive Goal is from Ed Week.

Helping English-Learners Break Through Language Plateaus is by Wendi Pillars.

Here’s My Tentative Plan For A Support Class For Long-Term English Language Learners – Tell Me How I Can Make It Better


Pushing Past Myths: Designing Instruction for Long-Term English Learners is by Maneka Deanna Brooks.

Update On The Pilot Class Providing Support To Long-Term ELLs I’ll Be Teaching Next Year

Long Term ELs Part I: Understanding the Issue is by Janna X. Heiligenstein, Ph.D.


Exploring the Long-term English Learner Population Across 15 WIDA States

Why some students remain long-term ELs? is by Tan Huynh.

Reparable Harm

Long-Term English Learner Students: Spotlight on an Overlooked Population

Characteristics of LongTerm English Learners

Meeting The Unique Needs of LTELs

California still lags in helping long-term English learners is from Ed Source.

Examining Growth at the Intersection of IEP and (Long-Term) EL Status is from WIDA.

Summary of research and resources on long-term English learner students is from REL West.

Long-term English learners: How is timing of reclassification associated with middle and high school outcomes? is an interesting paper.

Supporting Long Term English Learners: Start by changing the label appeared in ELLevation.

How language proficiency standardized assessments inequitably impact Latinx long-term English learners is an interesting paper.