It’s still early, and only a few education “year-in-reviews” have come out, but I figured I’d publish an initial list and just continue to add to it.

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I’m adding this year’s list to All My 2016 “Best” Lists In One Place.

Here’s a beginning list. As I mentioned, there will be many more here before the year is out. let me know what I’m missing:

The Washington Post published my annual The good — and very, very bad — education news of 2016.

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2016 is from Audrey Watters.

BEST RESOURCES OF 2016 is from Share My Lesson.

The Best of 2016 is from Teaching Tolerance.

Top 10 Educational Leadership Articles of 2016 is from ASCD.

From Grades to Classroom Management, Here Are the Top Teaching Posts of 2016 is from Education Week Teacher, and you can see all the end-of-year round-ups from Ed Week at their BEST OF 2016 hashtag.

Best Education Journalism Of The Year (2016) is from Alexander Russo.

Top Teacher Stories of 2016: Education Week Teacher’s Most Viewed

Sixteen in ‘16: Our Favorite Education Stories is from The Atlantic.

This Year’s Most Popular Q & A Posts! is from My Education Week Teacher column.

The Teaching Profession in 2016 (in Charts) is from Ed Week Teacher.

Top Education Stories of 2016: Education Week’s Most Viewed

The Teacher Channel’s Most Watched Videos of 2016

Communications, Stakeholder Engagement & Standards: Our Top Content of 2016 is from The Learning First Alliance.

Ten Issues Capturing the Minds of Educators and Parents This Year is from KQED MindShift.

Top Education Commentaries of 2016: Education Week’s Most-Viewed

Education Myths to Leave Behind in 2016 — 8 Dearly Held Beliefs That Aren’t Necessarily True is by Matt Barnum (I’ve got questions about one or two of them, though).

For a UK perspective: Rhodes, rent strikes and Brexit: the top student stories of 2016 and Our top 10 Secret Teachers of 2016 are from The Guardian.

The Envy List: 12 Must-Read Education Stories We Wish We Had Written This Year is from The 74.

MiddleWeb’s Top 16 of 2016

The top 10 most popular TED-Ed Original animated videos from 2016

5 Numbers That Explain Education in 2016 is from The Atlantic.