I’ve recently begun this weekly post where I’ll be sharing resources I’m adding to The Best Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources or other related “Best” lists:

Beyond Grit: The Science of Creativity, Purpose, and Motivation is a transcript of a conversation between Adam Grant and Angela Duckworth. It’s pretty interesting, and Duckworth makes this comment:

I stand with the critics when they say, “Grit is absolutely not enough. Let’s not lay more blame at the feet of victims who don’t have any say in their circumstances.”

I think that’s heartening to hear, though I wonder how she defines “who don’t have any say” – based on the context of her comment, I think she primarily means children. I would hope she would broaden it to “who don’t have much say” to include adults, too (see The Best Resources Showing Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough).

I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About “Grit.”

Here’s another interesting conversation transcript: Angela Duckworth and Pete Carroll Discuss Grit and the Science of Hope. I’m adding this to The Best Posts & Videos On “Hope” — Help Me Find More.

How to Integrate Growth Mindset Messages Into Every Part of Math Class is from MindShift. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset.”

3 Proven Rituals That Will Make You Motivated is from Barking Up The Wrong Tree. I’m adding it to Best Posts On “Motivating” Students.

Why Restorative Practices Benefit All Students is from Edutopia. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About Restorative Practices – Help Me Find More.

What happens in your brain when you experience gratitude? is from Scientific American. I’m adding it to The Best Resources On “Gratitude”

The Chinese Word for Anger Shows the Best Way to Get Mad is from New York Magazine. It’s connected to what community organizers call “cold anger.” In addition to applying it while I was an organizer, I’ve also used it in the classroom to help direct student anger. I’m adding it to Best Posts On Classroom Management.

How are districts measuring progress on SEL? is from Education Dive.

I’m adding this video to The Best Resources On Helping To Build Empathy In The Classroom – Help Me Find More: