As I shared earlier this month (see Beginning A New “Best” Series Of Interest To ELL Teachers), I’m beginning to create an updated series of “Best” lists for Beginning English Language Learners. They will ultimately replace the resources I have on my outdated website.

Since I’m teaching the theme “Sports & Fun” this week (it’s a good theme help students stay engaged the week before our Winter Break), I’ll start with a new list on that topic. Many of the links are the still-active ones I copied-and-pasted from my website. Please let me know if you have additional suggestions of sites to add:

ESOL Courses Sports


More Fun Words

Outdoor Activities



The Sea

Toby’s Party

At the Park

Talking About Vacation


More Video Games


I Like to Dance

Summer Vacation

More Traveling

Learn About Sports

Packing For the Park

More Toys

Sports Memory Game

Sports Vocabulary Game

Quiz Show Sports Game

Sports Quiz

Sport Matching Game

Sport: English Vocabulary For Kids

British Council Sports Games

ELLLO Sports


A World Of Sports

A Holiday In Galveston