I’ve done well over one-hundred eight-minute BAM! Radio shows to accompany my Education Week Teacher columns (see All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions).

I am continually surprised by the tens of thousands of downloads they get each month.

Here are the top ten most popular ones for this year:

1.How Great Principals Help Teachers Grow: They Do This, Not That with Mark Estrada and Diana Laufenberg.

2.Handling “Controversial” Issues In The Classroom with Lorena German, Stephen Lazar and Adeyemi Stembridge, Ph.D.

3. I Want My Kids to Feel Comfortable Making Mistakes, but… with Doug Lemov, Danny Woo and Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski.

4. Classroom Management: Cultivating Student Self-Control with Dr. Jennifer Davis Bowman, Bryan Harris and Amanda Koonlaba, M.Ed.

5. The Look and Feel of Culturally Responsive Instruction with Django Paris.

6. Identifying ELLs with Special Needs: What Are the Signs? with Maria Montalvo, Beverly Maxwell, Ann Wilson, and Jennie Farnell.

7. What Is Metacognition? Let’s Think About It with Matt Renwick, Laura Robb and Teresa Diaz.

8. Using Data In Education: The Good, the Bad and the Numbers with Myron Dueck, Dr. Jenni Donohoo, and Nancy Fichtman Dana.

9. Rethinking Student Discipline, Punishment and Accountability with Timothy Hilton, Shane Safir, and Jen Adkins.

10. What Is the Value of Colleges of Education to Active K-12 Teachers? with Pia Wong and Benjamin Riley.