As regular readers know, in addition to teaching high school full-time I also teach credential candidates at California State University about English Language Learners.

I’m also now preparing to see how sane it is for me to fit in teaching a class on content literacy for credential candidates at the University of California at Davis.

As part of that class, I’ll be having students in different disciplines review the resources at these “Best” lists:

The Best Resources For Writing In Social Studies Classes

The Best Resources For Writing In Science Class

The Best Resources For Writing In Math Class

In addition to credential candidates from those three disciplines, I’ll also have English and Agriculture student teachers.  I’ll give the agriculture candidates their choice of which of the resources they think fits best, and I’ve also prepared the following list of resources for English teachers.  They’re taken from my much more extensive Best Posts On Writing Instruction.

Here they are (let me know if you think I’m missing something):

I did a series on writing instruction for Education Week Teacher: See Part One here, Part Two here, Part Three here , Part Four here and Part Five here.

Five ways to get kids to want to read and write is an excerpt from one of my books and appeared in The Washington Post.

Excellent Review Of Writing Instruction Research is a summary of an article at The Hechinger Report, along with a link to the original article.

The Best Scaffolded Writing Frames For Students is a “Best” list I compiled with lots of useful hand-outs.

Supporting Good Writing Instruction is a simple diagram from The National Writing Project.

What Motivates A Student’s Interest in Reading and Writing is an excerpt from one of my books and appeared at KQED MindShift.

Here Are Some Examples Of Using “Concept Attainment” In Writing Instruction

“They Say, I Say” Is A Great Writing Resource

Writing Next: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing of Adolescents in Middle and High Schools (I think reading the Executive Summary is sufficient)

New Study Says Emphasize Quality Over Quantity In Teaching Writing, But I Don’t Think That’s Most Important Finding

Yet Another Study Finds That Having An “Authentic Audience” Impacts Student Learning (this post includes a number of links that are worth exploring)

Two New Useful Resources On Teaching Writing – And An Old One

Writing Classroom is from the University of Kansas and has a ton of videos and PDFs about teaching…writing.