Donald Trump will take the oath of office on January 20, 2017 and become the 45th President of the United States.

It’s an opportunity for learning about how the U.S. government works and for critical thinking about what it means to be an “active citizen” in the United States (see my NY Times posts, “Ideas For E.L.L.s: Civics and Citizenship and “Ideas For English Language Learner: What Does It Mean To Be A Citizen?, as well as my Washington Post piece, ‘Dear President-elect Trump’: Immigrant students write letters asking for ‘the opportunity to demonstrate we are good people.’).

I’m eager to hear from teachers about how they will be approaching the inauguration in their classrooms – if at all.

You might also be interested in these previous “Best” lists, which provide lots of additional resources for potential government and critical thinking lessons:

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Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The Presidential Inauguration – 2016:

Here’s the official government inauguration website.

Trump Inauguration Security Planners Brace for Wave of Protesters is from The New York Times.

Organizers Hope Women’s March On Washington Inspires, Evolves is from NPR.

National Geographic has a good article and slideshow about the history inaugurations.

EL Civics has a good lesson for English Language Learners on Presidential Inaugurations.

Inaugural Words from The New York Times, I believe, is one of the more useful resources that were been created for President Obama’s first  Inauguration (it’s still “live,” but I don’t believe it’s been updated).  “Word clouds” highlighting the most-used words in each inaugural address in history can be seen. In addition, words that were used in each address much more than in the other ones given in history are identified. Plus, by clicking on each word you are shown how it was used in a sentence. Comparing the words and even just using them as a vocabulary-building exercise for English Language Learners make this an excellent resource.

Inaugural Firsts is a slideshow from National Public Radio.

The Wall Street Journal has a multimedia feature highlighting inaugurations since 1960, including providing both the audio and text of the speeches, along with “word clouds.”

Latest Inauguration News is from The Washington Post.

10 inaugural moments that mattered is from CNN.

From drunken speeches to dead canaries, a guide to our quirky inaugural history is from MSNBC.

The oaths: From Washington to Obama is from The Washington Post.

Protesters’ Plans Present Challenges for Inauguration Security is from Voice of America.

Videos From CBS News: History of presidential inaugurations and The very first inauguration

Countdown to January 20 is from Teaching Tolerance.

What to Know About Every Inauguration in American History is from TIME.

Beginning of a presidency: inauguration speeches in search is a new interactive tool from Google. You can read more about it here.

Now you can search past inaugural addresses for Donald Trump’s favorite expressions is a Washington Post interactive.

Why Dozens of Congress Members Are Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration is from Rolling Stone.

Why Some Democrats in Congress Refuse to Attend Trump’s Inauguration is from The Atlantic.

The Women’s March on Washington has spread to 57 countries around the globe is from Vox.

The Inauguration of a New President: A Lesson Plan on Predicting and Evaluating the First 100 Days of a Trump White House is from The New York Times Learning Network.

Our School Is Not “Flush With Cash” & Our Students Are Not “Deprived Of All Knowledge”

Photos of the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump is from The Atlantic.

How Trump’s inaugural address compares to his predecessors, charted is from The Washington Post.

The Worst Presidential Inaugurations, Ranked is from The Atlantic.

How Trump’s inaugural speech differed from past presidential addresses is from The Washington Post.

Where Women’s Marches Are Happening Around the World is a NY Times interactive.

How the world reacted to Trump’s inauguration as US president is from The Guardian.

Emotional arcs of the past ten U.S. presidential inaugural addresses

What each incoming president thought was the biggest problem facing America, in one chart is from Vox.