My Beginning English Language Learners have been spending much of their time this year on the computer “consuming” content (see “All-Time” Best Web Tools For English Language Learners). That has been, and continues to be, extremely valuable.

However, “creating” content is obviously also important for many reasons, so we’ve been experimenting with different tools. This process includes faces many barriers, including older tech, District content filters, ease-of-use, and ensuring that tech brings an added value to what we’re doing.

I’ve found that Little Bird Tales is a good site to help overcome many of those barriers.  For $29, a teacher can create a virtual classroom that enables students to create E-books that they can narrate.  Happily, unlike many other sites, their recording feature actually works with out tech and District content filters. Students can also use it for free without being part of a virtual classroom.

Here’s an example of a book one student created (you can see others at our class blog):

It’s easy to use, and students like and can benefit from it. Students say they hate (but really enjoy) playing it for the class and having other students read/listen to their creations.

“Little Bird Tales” has been on The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English list for quite awhile.

I’m adding this post to The “All-Time” Best 2.0 Tools For Beginning English Language Learners.