UPDATE: “We’re not going anywhere”: the 2018 women’s marches show the movement’s endurance

It seems like an amazing day around the world today.

I’ll be adding new useful classroom resources to this list as more become available.

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Here’s what I have so far – please suggest more in the comments section:

Women’s March on Washington: A sea of pink-hatted protesters vows to resist Donald Trump is from The Washington Post.

Organizers Hope Women’s March On Washington Inspires, Evolves is from NPR.

The Women’s March on Washington has spread to 57 countries around the globe is from Vox.

Where Women’s Marches Are Happening Around the World is a NY Times interactive.

Women’s Marches Go Global: Postcards From Protests Around The World is from NPR.

Women’s anti-Trump march clogs Washington streets is from Reuters.

Pictures From Women’s Marches Around the World is from The NY Times.

How the Women’s March compares to other women-led rallies on the Mall is from The Washington Post.

Worldwide, people rally in support of Women’s March on Washington is from The Washington Post.

Photos of the Women’s Marches Around the World is from The Atlantic.

Overhead Shots Show Massive Women’s March Crowds in Cities Across America is from Slate.