We just finished studying Art in my IB Theory of Knowledge classes and, as always, the last day was spent on a “Play-Doh Project.”

Here are the students instructions (you can download them here), followed videos of their creations. Please give me ideas on how to make it better:

Play Doh Project

1) Get a blank sheet paper to put on your desk.  Please only use the Play Doh on the paper so it doesn’t get on the desk.

2) Open your can of Play Doh.

3) You have fifteen minutes to create a piece of art that is classroom appropriate.

4) At the end of fifteen minutes,  look through your notes on the Arts unit and answer the following questions:

* Why is your creation art?  Review your notes and materials and write an ABC paragraph responding to this question (Answer the question; Back it up with a quote as evidence; make a further Comment or Connection to elaborate on your position.

* How were Ways of Knowing involved in creating your art and how will they be involved when others view it?

5) You will share your piece of art with others through the “speed-dating” process.   First, you will ask your partner to tell you what they think it is and why.  Then you will tell them what you intended it to be and share your answers to the previous two questions.

Tok sixth period

Tok real fifth period

Tok fifth period- PlayDoh art