ESL Video, the well-known free site which has let teachers create online quizzes for YouTube videos, has been on several of my “Best” lists for years.

However, I recently visited it and found they had added the wonderful feature that lets students easily send their scores to the teacher.

This “new” ability (I have no idea how long they’ve had it since I hadn’t visited the site for awhile) dramatically increases its usefulness. Students watch a video, take the quiz, and then just have to enter a teacher-created code. The name of the student and their score is then sent to a teacher “dashboard.” It’s super-simple.

In addition, though some of the videos are blocked by typical school content filters, most seem to get through. I was a little disappointed to see a fair number of religiously-oriented videos at the top of the Beginner tab, but the vast majority seem fine.

I’m adding the site to The Best Sites That Students Can Use Independently And Let Teachers Check On Progress.