I’ve been doing a series of posts this week about tools my English Language Beginners have been using to create online content. This process has included many barriers, including older tech, District content filters, ease-of-use, and ensuring that tech brings an added value to what we’re doing.

But it has gone well. The past posts have been:

“Little Bird Tales” Is An Excellent Web 2.0 Tool For Beginning English Language Learners

Video: “Adobe Spark” Is Excellent Tool For ELLs

“Write About” Is Another Great Tool For ELLs

SuperTeacherTools is the latest tool that my students have used.  It’s been on The Best Websites For Creating Online Learning Games for awhile.

Students (and teachers) can create three types of games (images of two of them are at the top of this post) without having to register with the site.  It’s simple and very user-friendly.  My students create the games, post the links on our class blog, and then classmates play them.

I especially like the one that has a “drag-and-drop” interface.

Go to our class blog to try them out.  I’d love to find a tool that lets students create audio quizzes.  I’ll be exploring The Best Websites For Creating Online Learning Games more deeply to see if I’ve missed that feature in any of those sites.

I’m adding this post to The “All-Time” Best 2.0 Tools For Beginning English Language Learners.