UPDATED: The Best Resources On The Trump Administrations New Immigration Enforcement Policies

NY Times Learning Network Provides Excellent Lesson Plan On Refugee Ban

President Trump issued two very disturbing executive orders earlier this week about immigration – both which will have a major impact on our students, schools, and communities.  He also just signed another on related to refugees.

Here’s a beginning list of resources related to them – I’ll be adding more over the weekend and into the future (you might also be interested in The Best Sites For Learning About World Refugee Day and The Best Sites To Learn About Walls That Separate Us):

Trump’s Executive Order Today May Create Fear In Immigrant Communities (& Their Schools) is my first post on it.

Trump Orders Could Deport Millions, Build Wall, but It Won’t Easy is from NBC News.

Pediatricians Speak Out Against President Trump’s Immigration Orders is from NBC News.

CNN Video: “Trump will target refugee program”

Trump’s Immigration Order Expands the Definition of ‘Criminal’ is from The New York Times.

Key points in Trump’s immigration executive orders is from CNN.

A charity set up by Anne Frank’s father has become a fierce critic of Trump’s plans for refugees is from The Washington Post.

5 challenges Trump may face building a border wall is a Washington Post interactive.

Why Trump can’t simply build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border with an executive order is from The Washington Post.

Trump says building a U.S.-Mexico wall is ‘easy.’ But is it really? is from The Washington Post.

Trump’s order on the deportation of undocumented residents, annotated by an immigration law expert is from The NY Times.

Trump Orders Mexican Border Wall to Be Built and Plans to Block Syrian Refugees is from The NY Times.

Donald Trump’s Un-American Refugee Policy appeared in The New York Times. Here’s an excerpt:

‘We don’t want them there’: Trump signs order limiting refugee entry is from The Washington Post.

Trump says Syrian refugees aren’t vetted. We are. Here’s what we went through. is from The Washington Post.

Trump’s order to ban refugees and immigrants triggers fears across the globe is from The Washington Post.

Trump’s proposed refugee ban would alienate allies for U.S. troops, experts say is from The Washington Post.

Anne Frank and her family were also denied entry as refugees to the U.S. is from The Washington Post.

A new social-media project commemorates refugees turned away by the United States in 1939. is from The Atlantic.

Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Illegal appeared in The New York Times.

Malala Yousafzai Says She’s ‘Heartbroken’ Over Donald Trump’s Plan For Refugees is from The Huffington Post.

Trump’s Plan for Refugees is from The Atlantic.

In Iran, Shock and Bewilderment Over Trump Visa Crackdown is from The New York Times.

Syrians Are Heartbroken Over Trump’s Plan To Ban Refugees From The US is from BuzzFeed.

The Parallel Between Trump’s Immigration Ban and Past U.S. Anti-Asian Policies is from NBC News.

Six other times the US has banned immigrants is from Al Jazeera.

Everything Is Crazy, So What Do We Teachers Do In Class This Week?

Court Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban is from The NY Times.


Immigration Raids Across The Country – Is This Just The Beginning? (If It Is, Here Are Helpful Resources)

‘Learn From History!’: Students Discuss the Muslim Ban is by Cristina Torres.

Immigration Fears Appear To Become Reality

White House Memo Recommends Using National Guard For Immigration Enforcement