If you watched the Super Bowl today, as most of us did, you saw 84 Lumber’s commercial that Fox forced to be re-cut.

Here’s the original version, and you can read more about the controversy at The Washington Post article, Company forced to re-tool Super Bowl ad rejected for depicting Trump’s border wall.

The company’s actual site for the video is off-line (at the time of this post), presumably because of massive traffic.

At the very least, teachers can show the video to ELLs and have them write and describe what they saw. I definitely plan on doing that with students. In addition, many of my Beginners are now reaching the stage where they can begin to learn reading strategies. So I think this might be an opportune time to teach “making a connection” and the sentence starter “This makes me remember.” Of course, it might bring up strong emotions for some, so I’m going to play it by ear.

What are your suggestions?