This blog is now ten-years-old, and I talked about it in Tenth Anniversary Of This Blog — What Have Been My Most Popular Posts? (Part One).

In that post, I also shared the twenty most popular “Best” lists from over the years.

Here, in Part Two, I’ll share the most popular non-“Best” lists posts:

1. Easily Make Your Own Unique (& Fake) CNN, NY Times, Etc. Website With “News Jack”

2. Answers To “What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?”

3. Helping Students Motivate Themselves: Practical Answers To Classroom Challenges

4. March’s Infographics & Interactives Galore – Part Four

5. What Do You Do On The Last Day Of Class (Part Two)?

6. Why Is It Important For Students To Learn About Bloom’s Taxonomy?

7. Have You Ever Taught A Class That Got “Out Of Control”?

8. How Students Evaluated Me This Year — Part One

9. What Is The Accurate Edison Quote On Learning From Failure?

10. Writing Letters To Students

11. This Is The Best Video I’ve Seen On Perseverance & Resilience: “There’s no dishonor in having a disability”

12. Here’s The “Growth Mindset” Article & Prompt We’re Using As Part Of Our Semester Final

13. A Good & Simple Collaborative Storytelling Lesson

14. “I Like This Lesson Because It Make Me Have a Longer Temper” (Part One)

15. A Simple & Effective Classroom Lesson On Gratitude

16. Reading Logs — Part Two (or “How Students Can Grow Their Brains”)

17. An Effective Five-Minute Lesson On Metacognition

18. Useful “Fixed” vs. “Growth” Mindset Worksheet For Students

19. Excerpt From My Book On Teaching English Language Learners

20. This Has Got To Be One Of The Most Useful Sites On The Web For ELL Teachers