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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

New Study On Reading Takes Right Idea & Messes It Up

ASCD Educational Leadership Publishes My Article On Personalized Learning

Here Are The Ten Downloadable Graphic Organizers I Use With ELL Beginners To Write A Story

“Performance Assessments are ‘Absolutely Worth the Effort’”

I Really Like How SAS Curriculum Pathways Site Incorporates Knowledge Transfer In Social Studies

A History Of The United States’ Fear Of Immigrants

Study Finds That It’s True: Good Teaching Conditions For Educators Equals Good Learning Conditions For Students

We Should Be Obsessed With Racial Equity

Immigration Fears Appear To Become Reality

Useful Resources On “Fake News,” Including An NPR Story Highlighting My Lesson

Have Students Use “GlobalXplorer” To Become “Armchair Archaeologists”

New Study Reaffirms What Teachers Know: Relationships Matter

“Math can be a ‘Hard Sell’”

“Author Interview: ‘The ABCs of How We Learn’”

You’ll Want To Read This Interview With Education Researcher Kirabo Jackson

A Look Back: Every Teacher Who Has An ELL In Their Class Should Watch This “Immersion” Film

New “What If?” History Presentations

A Look Back: New Study Shows Intervention Has Big Impact On “Achievement Gap” – Also Shows Shortcomings Of Ed Research

Video: “Immigrants In Our Community Are A Gift”

Immigration Raids Across The Country – Is This Just The Beginning? (If It Is, Here Are Helpful Resources)

“Putting Teacher Action Research Into Action” Is My New British Council Post

A Look Back: How Much “Content” Knowledge Do You Really Need To Be An Effective Teacher?

A Look Back: Important New Study Looks At Assets, Not Deficits, Of Teen “Defiance”

No Surprise: Study Finds That If Teachers Show Bias, Then Students Don’t Trust Them Or School

Sad News: Swedish Statistician & “Edutainer” Died Today – Here Are His Best Videos

DeVos Is Confirmed As Ed Secretary: Here’s a Wrap-Up

A Look Back: Video – “10 Strategies to Help Students Develop Intrinsic Motivation to Write”

A Look Back: Here Are Downloadable Scaffolded Instructions For Students To Create A “3/2/1” Poster

Video: Entire “Uncut” 84 Lumber “Journey” Super Bowl Commercial (That Will Be Shown In Many ELL Classes Tomorrow)

“What If?” History Projects

“Good Judgment” Is A Site Where Our Students Can Showcase Their Forecasting Skills

“Home Language Support ‘Helps Learners Navigate Both Worlds They Inhabit’”

A Look Back: “KQED Interviews Me About Saul Alinsky & His Connection To Teaching”

The Right – & Wrong – Way To Apologize

Here’s A Lesson – & A Template – That Intermediate ELL Students Taught Beginners

A Look Back: “Ways A Mainstream Teacher Can Support An ELL Newcomer In Class”

“‘The Writing Strategies Book’: An Interview With Jennifer Serravallo”

Three Excellent Resources For Learning About Effective Social Change

“Understanding the Benefits of a Student’s Home Language”

A Look Back: “The Elephant In The Room In The Talent vs. Practice Debate”

Everything Is Crazy, So What Do We Teachers Do In Class This Week?

New Study Connects Growth Mindset & “Bouncing Back” From Mistakes

A Look Back: No, Most Educators Are Not “Fueling Student Anxieties” – Trump Is Handling That On His Own

Good Advice On “De-Escalating Power Struggles In The Classroom”