I am constantly adding new resources to my over 1,600 categorized “Best Lists.

I also regularly “cull” through the lists to weed-out dead links, but haven’t been very systematic about doing that task.

So, I’ve started to go through them and highlight the ones that I’ve gotten around to completely cleaning-up and revising. I’ve completed this process with 261 lists over the past twelve months.

Here are a list of them from this month (you can see previous compilations here):

The Best Sites For Learning To Write A Story

The Best Sites To Learn About Mardi Gras & Carnivals

The Best Websites For Learning About Bob Marley

The Best Sites Remembering Bob Marley Thirty Years After His Death

The Best Resources About Presidents’ Day

The Best Resources For Groundhog Day

The Best Sites To Learn About The U.S. Supreme Court