Last year I posted Review Topics and Primary Knowledge Questions from my IB Theory of Knowledge students who developed them for their Oral Presentations.  You can also find them, along with all the materials I use for Oral Presentations, at our class blog.

As most TOK teachers know, it can be difficult for us to develop (or even understand the concept of) Knowledge Questions, much less for students (see The Best Posts On Teaching TOK “Knowledge Questions”).

Here is a sample of this year’s Knowledge Questions (let me know what you think of them and if you think some are not “Knowledge Questions”):

How do we know the difference between a false stereotype and an accurate generalization?

To what extent does self-esteem benefit or hurt our society?

How does fashion influence the way we perceive others?

What is the role of inspiration?

In what ways do people experience “flow”?

Under what circumstances do people decide to be cruel or kind?

Under what circumstances should we control or co-exist with the environment?

What role does morality play in violence?

Under what circumstances do people take risks?

Under what circumstances might false memories be helpful or hurtful in our search for knowledge?

To what extent is punishment really “effective”? What is “effectiveness”?