I’m planning on preparing a lesson to help students have some better decision-making tools.  I thought readers might find it useful to see some of the resources I’ve compiled to inform whatever I come up with.  I also hope that people can contribute more ideas in the comments section.

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Here’s what I have so far:

The Best Headspace for Making Decisions is from The Atlantic.

This Is How We Make Our Worst Decisions is from Psychology Today.

7 Strategies for Making Objective Decisions is from Inc.

A TED-Talk: How To Make Hard Choices

Theories And Strategies of Good Decision Making

How to Make the Best Decisions (Once and for All) is from Oprah.

Scientifically Proven Ways You Can Use To Make Better Decisions is from Forbes.


4 questions to ask yourself when you have to make a big decision is from Fast Company.

How to Make a Big Decision is from The NY Times.

Decision Making is from Character Lab.