Next month, I’ll be publishing a series over at my Education Week Teacher column on “transfer of learning.”

In preparation for that series, I worked with Education Week to create an animated video on the topic, which you can find at the bottom of this post.

I’ve written a lot about transfer, including devoting a chapter in one of my books to the topic (see an excerpt from that chapter published by The Washington Post, The real stuff of schooling: How to teach students to apply knowledge) and publishing a popular “Best” list – The Best Resources For Learning About The Concept Of “Transfer” — Help Me Find More.

In my book I give credit to the late Grant Wiggins for an example of how to promote transfer through generalizing.  He used the example of students learning about the qualities of a successful social movement from analyzing the women’s movement.  I also use that example in the video but, because of a miscommunication, credit to him , unfortunately, doesn’t appear.  You can see links to several articles by him on the topic at my “Best” list.

Here’s the video: