(This post was formerly titled “Fidget Spinner Wisdom.” I’ve been adding to it since it originally appeared, and decided to turn it into a “Best” list)

Complaints by teachers on social media about “fidget spinners” have recently skyrocketed.

It hasn’t yet hit our high school in full force – I’ve only seen two students out of my 130 with ones. When – and if – they become ubiquitous, I might feel differently, but for now it seems to me that the best advice for us teachers would be to “chill out.”

Or, as teacher Doug Robertson has just written:

In addition to reading his full post, The Worst Thing About Fidget Spinners, I’d encourage you to check out The ASIDE blog’s post, Schools, Please Don’t Ban The Fidget Spinner – 9 Reasons Why This Is The Best Possible Fad.

Let me know if you disagree…

For more background on the fad, read Vox’s Fidget spinners, the latest distraction craze, explained and/or Live Science’s Fidget Spinners: What They Are, How They Work and Why the Controversy.

ADDENDUM: Those Darn Spinners are Going to be the End of Me!!! by Matt McCullough

Fidget Spinners: Good Or Bad For Kids’ Concentration? is from NPR.

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Fidget Spinners CAN be a fantastic teaching resource! is from Ed Tech For Beginners.

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