Regular readers know that I do a weekly eight-minute online radio show with BAM! that accompanies my Education Week Teacher columns. They’ve become quite popular and will probably hit 60,000 downloads in this month alone…

I’ve done a lot of them! And, like my column, they cover many different topics (see All My BAM Radio Shows – Linked With Descriptions).

So, to make it a little easier for readers/listeners, I’ve started making thematic lists with links to the shows covering a general topic.

So far, I’ve compiled these lists:

All My BAM! Radio Shows About English Language Learners

All My BAM! Radio Shows About Social Emotional Learning

All My BAM! Radio Shows About Classroom Management

Now, it’s time for the ones I’ve done on ed tech related issues, and I’ll be adding links here to new related shows:

I Am Considering Flipped Learning, and… with Kristina Doubet and Rita Platt.

Successful One-to-One Programs: Do This, Avoid Doing That with Heather Staker and Anne Jenks.

Using Tech To Achieve Common Core Standards with Michele Haiken, Ed.D. and Julie D. Ramsay.

11 Smart Tips for Navigating the Ed Tech Jungle with Anna Bartosik, Jared Covili, Sam Patterson.

Why the Death of Paper Books May Be Greatly Exaggerated with Dan Willingham and Kristin Ziemke.

Ed Tech Problems: Avoiding Those You Can, Managing Those You Can’t with Anne Jenks, Larissa Pahomov, and Jared Covili.

Personalized Learning: Another Buzzword or a “Must-Know” Teaching Strategy? with Allison Zmuda, Diana Laufenberg, Pernille Ripp.

Teaching Strategies 2.0: What Is a Digital Portfolio? Why It Matters with Rusul Alrubail, Michael Fisher

Maker Movement, DYI, 3D Printers: New Fad or Real Path to 21st Century Skills? with Laura Blankenship

What Are the Real Benefits of a 1:1 Program? What Are the Biggest Challenges? with Alice Barr, Dr. Troy Hicks

What Are the Basics Every Teacher Should Know About the Maker Movement? with Sylvia Martinez, Tanya Baker