Each week, I publish a post or two containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all here.

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Here are this week’s picks:

Ditch That Textbook has a nice infographic displaying the Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template.

On Sequences of Instruction is an older post by Timothy Shanahan, but an interesting one. He says that the jury is out about which system of phonics and/or vocabulary instruction works best, but that the key research finding is that both need to be taught with some kind of system in mind in order to be effective. In other words, don’t wing it!

The Refugee Crisis and Human Responsibility is a new lesson plan from Facing History. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About World Refugee Day.

Text to Text | Guy de Maupassant’s ‘The Necklace’ and ‘Guerrilla Fashion: The Story of Supreme’ is a lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network. “The Necklace” was my favorite short story when I was growing up…

I’m adding this tweet to Best Posts On Writing Instruction: