To be more accurate, we’ll be writing another book – Katie Hull Sypnieski and I will be co-authoring our third book on teaching English Language Learners (our first two were The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide and Navigating The Common Core With ELLs).  This one will be published by Jossey-Bass, who also were the publishers of the previous ones in our series. It should be out in the Spring of 2018.

Our first one was 90,000 words, our second book was 125,000 words – who knows how long this one is going to be?

September 1st is the manuscript deadline – wish us luck!

It’s also likely that book deadline pressures will result in reduced posting here on the blog, though I suspect there still will be plenty of new content appearing here…

This next book will be my ninth one, and you can access free content from all of them here.

By the way, after this ELL book is put to bed, I’ve got a tenth book to write – a fourth one in my student motivation series.