I’ve previously written about how teachers’ implicit bias (and “explicit” bias) can impact the classroom (see We Should Be Obsessed With Racial Equity).

I’ve also shared a lot about cognitive bias’ and thought a “Best” list would be useful.

But, first, I tried to clarify the difference between the two of them.  Here is a sampling of responses I received on Twitter:

Here are some resources related to cognitive bias (you might also be interested in The Best Resources For Learning About “Psychological Effects” Useful To Teachers and The Best Multimedia Resources For Learning About Fallacies — Help Me Find More);

57 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up How We Think is from Business Insider.

The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational is from Farnam Street.

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet

Cognitive Bias Survival Guide

QUIZ: How Good Are You At Detecting Bias? (with Lesson Plan) is from KQED.

Confirmation and Other Biases is from Facing History.

Cognitive biases can hold learning back – here’s how to beat them is from The Guardian.