I do a lot of writing – eight books, a teacher advice column in Education Week Teacher, NY Times posts on teaching English Language Learners, and five-or-six posts a day here.

I also regularly write other articles/columns for different publications, including Edutopia, The Washington Post and ASCD Educational Leadership.

You can find links to all of those pieces (there are probably over two-hundred of them) here.  I’ve chosen these sixteen as the best of the bunch.

Here are the ones I’ve written in 2017 – so far (I haven’t written many this year – any “free” time was devoted to our next book on teaching ELLs). I’m adding this post to All Mid-Year 2017 “Best” Lists In One Place:

Student Engagement: Key to Personalized Learning appeared in ASCD Educational Leadership.

Ideas for E.L.L.s: Finding Reliable Sources in a World of ‘Fake News’ is the headline of a fairly lengthy post at The New York Times Learning Network.

Four ways to encourage speaking in the ELL classroom was published by the British Council.

Putting Teacher Action Research Into Action was also published by the British Council.