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Here are some of the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference). There are a lot of them this month:

“Support Curriculum Innovations by ‘Failing Forward’”

New Study On Cellphones Helpful To Teachers Everywhere

Using The “Curiosity Gap” To Enhance Student Motivation

Students & Teachers Can Transcribe Ads From Former Slaves Looking For Their Families

“Make 1:1 Programs ‘About the Learning, not the Device’”

Study Suggests That Simple Writing Exercise Gets Big Results

What Are Your Rules About Students Eating In Class?

Harvard Business Review Lays-Out A Good Three-Step Process To Introduce A Lesson

Video(s): My #VirtuEL17 Session On SEL & ELLs (Plus Supporting Links) & Everyone Else’s Session, Too!

This Is A Must-Watch Video For Any Volunteer Or Peer Tutor Working With ELLs

Here’s What I Will Do Differently (& The Same) Next School Year – Share Your Own “Resolutions”

This Is Interesting: Hattie Says Jigsaw Strategy Hits a Homerun

Google Supports Development Of New “Lynching In America” Interactive

“Advice on Making a Mid-Career Change to Teaching”

I Suspect That Many ELL Teachers Will Want To Use These Personal Stories As Models For Their Students

“Author Interview: ‘Learn Better’”

New TED Talk From Anne Lamott With Great Excerpt On Writing – Here’s How I’m Using It In Class

Intriguing Research On How To Increase Intrinsic Motivation

Now THIS Is An Example Of Writing For An Authentic Audience: Writing For History

Important Video: Martin Luther King, Jr. Address To Junior High School Students, “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?”

Google Unveils New Online Safety Game & Curriculum

“Genius Hours can be ‘Transformative’”

“Today I Learned” Is Great Series Of Short Videos From National Geographic

Lots Of Lessons In These Two Articles About How To Teach – & How Not To Teach – About Controversial Issues

“Teaching Advice To Remember – Part Three”

No, No, No! Do Not Grade SEL Skills!

Here’s What I’m Doing As “Part Two” For My ELL Beginner Finals

“Words Without Borders” Looks Like An Excellent New Source Of International Texts & Teaching Ideas

NY Times Publishes Best Summary Of Why Social Emotional Learning Isn’t Enough….

New National Academies Of Science Report Identifies Three Qualities Key To Student Success