This afternoon, I was searching for some online exercises to reinforce the idea of paraphrasing with English Language Learners (I want to add them to The Best Online Resources To Teach About Plagiarism), and I didn’t have a whole lot of luck.

Most of the ones specifically geared towards ELLs just switched out a word or two, and seemed to me to be very poor examples. The rest seemed to be geared towards University-level students and were far too advanced for ELLs.

Here are the decent ones I found – I hope you’ll suggest more:

E.L.L. Practice + Prompt | The Value Of Diversity is an interactive I created for The New York Times Learning Network and includes some questions on paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing Quiz


Paraphrase Craze


How to Teach Summarizing, Part I is by Timothy Shanahan.

How to Teach Summarizing, Part II is by Timothy Shanahan.

Teaching the Challenging but Essential Academic Writing Skill of Paraphrasing is from EFL Magazine.

There are a fair number of AI-powered tools solely devoted to paraphrasing (though, of course, ChatGPT could do it, too).  Rephrase is one of them.